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Why our Kits are Superior

Our kits are manufactured under strict quality standards. Our factory is ISO-9001 certified. The ballast and the bulbs in these kits have passed the most stringent OEM test devised by Toyota (Denso) of Japan.  Toyota uses these ballasts for the OEM market in the Southern Americas region and some of the southern Asia countries.


  • We offer a free 12 month limited warrantee on all HID ballasts and bulbs for ANY defect resulting from improper construction (we donít cover physical defects ie. if you break your bulbs, etc.)

  • Our kits are designed and engineered in Japan (not China).  They are built and tested to strict automotive OEM quality requirements.   

  • Our kits are 100% water proof construction.

  • Our products are shipped from the US. This means a FAST arrival time and good customer support.

  • We have a 100% digital integrated one-piece ballast, which simplifies wiring and eliminates confusion during installation.

  • Our ballasts are the most sophisticated and powerful (50 Watt) HID  ballasts ever produced.

  • Our HID systems are more powerful and more advanced than most OEM factory installed HID systems on the road today.

  • We offer 15 bulb types and 4 colors = 60 choices.  We will have the right bulb type for your vehicle.

  • Our HID systems have less than a 0.3% failure rate, compared to 5-10% failure rate of other HID Conversion kits currently out on the market, the reliability is comparable to that of OEM HIDs

  • Our HID systems are matched to provide a color temperature has a tolerance of +/- 100K.  This variation is unnoticeable by human eyes.

  • Superior lumen output.  Up to 300% higher lumens compared to standard halogens and up to 100% more than the average HID systems being offered today.

  • One piece ballast means that all of the critical electronic components are housed inside our ballasts.  Watch out for so-called slim ballasts that are under-powered and have critical electronics mounted outside of the ballast

  • All of our dual beam kits ( H4, H13, 9004 or 9007 bi-xenon) come standard with the bi-xenon bulbs.  Many HID kits on the market today do not provide the dual HID for high beam with the kit or offer a clumsy combination HID/halogen dual high/low beam bulb which will not be HID when using the High Beam Functions.  

  • All of our dual beam kits ( H4, H13, 9004 or 9007 bi-xenon) come standard relay harnesses to simplify installation and eliminate flickering and blackouts during switching between high and low beams.  


Frequently asked Questions

(1)What does our HID CONVERSION KIT include?

Our HID Conversion Kits include all necessary materials needed for installation. The kit will include (2) Direct-Plug HID Bulbs (2) ballasts, along with all necessary wiring. Our HID Conversion Kits are plug and play, which is perfect for clean simple fast and accurate installation.

(2)Wouldn't it be better for me to purchase a halogen bulb with higher voltage, instead of buying HID bulbs?

Our HID systems are 50 watts, while standard halogen bulbs are 55-65 watts. Although, HID lamps draw less power, they still produce 3x more light compared to most halogen lamps. The higher wattage halogen lamps turn most of the extra energy into heat and produce almost no noticeable improvement in light output.  The only way to get noticeably brighter headlights is to add a true HID system to your vehicle.  

(3) Why do I have to purchase the whole kit? Why can't I just order the HID bulbs?

Vehicle use a 12 Volt Electrical System for their headlights. HID bulbs require over 20,000 volts to ignite the arc in the specially engineered and constructed HID bulbs. For this process to work, you need a ballast to boost the standard 12 volt 
power up high enough to strike the arc in the High Intensity Discharge bulbs.  Many sellers falsely advertise various halogen replacement bulbs as HID bulbs.  Only bulbs that light using a ballast are truly HID bulbs and there are no HID systems available that are better than ours. 

(4)What separates genuine Xenon gas-filled bulbs from Xenon HID?

HID (High Intensity Discharge) is the technology in which the filament of the Halogen Bulb is replaced with Xenon gas. When high voltage is applied, the gas generates an arc of light. The Xenon gas generates 3x more light than standard halogen bulbs. Most companies do produce gas-filled halogen bulbs. These bulbs do consist of a filament, but the gas gives off a bluer color. The negative part of xenon-filled halogen bulbs, is they produce very little or no more then standard halogen bulbs with the same voltage.

(6)Will I be able to perform the installation myself?

Our HID Kits are plug and play, which gives you the opportunity to do the installation yourself. If you follow the instructions given to you on our installation page, you will be able to get it done within 60 minutes. Although, easy to install, we are not responsible for any mishaps in the process.

(7)Will I be able to re-install my standard halogen lights at anytime?

We understand that people sell their cars, so its known that taking out your HID Kit is important. With our kits you will be able to uninstall your kit and replace will standard halogen or any lights of your preference. The process is exactly like the installation, but instead backwards. Our HID Kits, can be reused in another automobile with the same bulb size.

(8)How long will your bulbs last?

When tested, an average of 2500 hours was given as the life of our bulbs.

(9)What is the difference between Single Beam and Bi-Xenon Kits?

Single Beam kits are for cars that do not have the High and Low Beam function in one bulb (ie four headlight bulbs on the vehicle). If your car takes the H4, H13, 9004 or 9007 bulbs (ie: two headlights on the vehicle), then you will require the Bi-Xenon kit. 

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Why our HID Kits are Superior

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