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How to adjust HID headlights

Adjusting the headlights is a simple task. It does not take a mechanic to get it done. All you need are a few tools and a few minutes. 



  • Philips screwdriver

  • Masking tape.


The best time to do it, of course, is at night. 



1. Find the adjusting screws of the headlights (It is better to find these screws before turning on the light This will allow you to touch the headlights before they warm up). Each headlight has a horizontal and a vertical screws which have small springs behind them.  Some vehicles come equipped with a small level attached to the top of the headlight under the hood. It helps you get an accurate adjustment. 

2.  Park your vehicle on level ground with the headlights near a garage door or wall. A good distance is 2-3 feet away from the wall or door.  The location must be perfectly level and flat at a distance of 10 to 25 feet away from the door or wall.

3. Switch on the low headlight beams and mark the horizontal and vertical centerlines of each headlight beams on the wall using masking tape.  This will mark the center of each beam with a +. The marking will tell you where exactly the headlight beams should be centered from a distance.

4. Move the vehicle back about 10 to 25 feet away from the garage door or the wall.

5. Keep the headlights on the low beam setting. 

6. Use the markings you made on the wall or garage door to, check where the light shines and see if the centerlines still match up with the masking tape marks. If the centerlines of the two beams do not align with the tape marks, you can adjust one or both sides as needed.

7. Make the necessary adjustments with the lights still on while watching the light beams on the wall and your marks. 

Turning the top adjusting screws in a clockwise direction will raise the beam while counterclockwise turn will lower it.

Turning the side adjuster screws will adjust the lights to the left or right. 

Continue the adjustments until the center of the light beams are aligned with the tape marks.  Then adjust the vertical alignment of both beams slightly below the marks on the wall.  This will assure that the lights are tilted slightly downward so they won’t blind approaching motorist.

The low beams and high beams are connected to the same mechanism, so once the low beams are properly adjusted, the high beams will automatically be set

.....Oh and don't forget to remove the masking tap from the garage door if it rains it is impossible to get the tape off of the door. 


Adjusting HID Headlights

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