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What is HID?

Have you ever passed a newer expensive sports car like a Porsche or BMW and noticed their distinct headlights? Those headlight are called HID,  or High Intensity Discharge lights.  This is the latest development in headlight technologies. There are numerous advantages of HID headlights. Greater brightness, better driver visibility, lower electrical consumption, and improved appearance are the most notable advantages of HID lightings. If you’re looking for a truly noticeable improvement in driver visibility, an HID system is the perfect upgrade for your vehicle..

Brightness and visibility  is the main advantage of  HID lighting. Not only will you be able to see farther and better at night, but other drivers will be able to see you better as well. Our HID systems now come standard with the most advanced and powerful 50 watt 100% digital ballasts.  These powerful ballasts along with our perfectly matched HID bulbs make our HID retrofit systems equivalent to or better than any HID system on the market today.  While HID headlight systems can cost up to $5,000 as a factory installed option, you can now buy an equivalent (and in most cases better) system from us for under $100.    Our plug and play technology allows simple trouble free installation in less than one hours time most vehicles.  Our HID systems improve visibility and brightness up to 300% over conventional halogen lights. These system are a tremendous value and are extremely beneficial to anyone driving at night.

Electrical consumption might seem counterintuitive but while HID systems are up to 300% brighter than halogen bulbs, they consume 10-20% less power (after initial start up). 

Our HID conversion kits allow you to stand out among the thousands of other vehicles on the road. Our HID kits come in your choice of four colors:

HID Headlight Colors

3000k- emits a yellow beam and provides superior visibility in rain snow and fog.

6000K- emits pure white light and is technically produces the greatest overall visibility in clear weather due to the acuity of the human eye.

8000K- emits slight blue tint and r educes eye strain, provides sharper view and better concentration for night driving .  Many prefer the this color because the like the way it makes their car look.

12000K- emits slight violet colored tint and also r educes eye strain. Violet color helps preserve night vision in darkness by reducing the effects of temporary light blindness You will notice that when you look into total darkness after driving with the 12000K HID bulbs, that your eyes will adjust to total darkness faster.   Many prefer the this color for off-roading law enforcement, security and other nighttime activities that may require preservation of your night vision after the lights are shut off.

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